Photo by, the incomparable, Sarah Deragon.

Hi there, I’m Stacey.

I’m a New York State born tattooer & illustrator living & working in Austin, TX.
I’ve been tattooing professionally since my apprenticeship ended in 2004. I’ve been coloring inside the lines, painting, building, fabricating, crafting & illustrating for a much, much longer time (thanks Mom & Dad.)

I’m a perfectionist with a sense of humor, obsessive about the details (probably because I’m a Capricorn) & don’t even get me started on my compulsion with color palettes & the importance of thoughtful editing.

I believe in making permanent souvenirs that create conversations, form bonds, cause contagious smiles as well as making art & accessories that evoke the same.

You can find my artwork in it’s many forms all around Austin in places like Sweet Ritual, Medusa Skates, TXRD, Toy Joy & in my online store.