• Leave bandage on for up to 3 days.

  • Keep bandage and the surrounding area clean!

  • You may shower even with Saniderm or Tegaderm on because it’s water tight.

  • TIP: Remove bandage if evidence of blood and ink has leaked outside of the bandage or when the three days are up (which ever comes first.)

To remove Saniderm or Tegaderm:

  • In the shower, warm up the skin under running water.

  • Start at a corner and slowly start to peel the bandage back little by little under the running water. Work from the edges to the middle.

  • Take care not to do this fast.

  • Take care not to pull the bandage upwards or outwards too far and always pull close to the skin (little baby pulls.)

  • This may be a little uncomfortable but it doesn’t hurt and it wont effect your tattoo.

  • There may be a light impression of your tattoo on the bandage and that’s ok.



  • Leave this bandage on overnight. Remove bandage when you are ready to get in the shower and not a minute sooner.




  • Lather and rinse the tattoo with your hand and mild soap (i.e., Dove, Ivory, Dial, Cetaphil)  until it’s completely clean. 

  • Do not use anything abrasive on your tattoo. No pumice, loofa, bath puffs or wash cloths, etc….. NO!

  • Avoid getting shampoo, conditioner or other bath products on your tattoo. If this happens, rinse it thoroughly.



  • After your shower, press the tattoo dry with a few clean paper towels. DO NOT USE A BATH TOWEL!



  • Apply a pea sized amount of Aquaphore and a pump of good, dry skin lotion to clean hands.

  • Combine the two and thoroughly rub it in to your tattoo.

  • Never leave moisturizer or ointment on the surface of the skin, you must rub it in!

  • If you use too much, blot off excess with a clean paper towel.

  • For best results, Wash and moisturize your tattoo at least twice a day for the first few days.

  • Your tattoo should take a full two weeks to heal so be sure to wash and moisturize once a day CONSISTENTLY until it’s fully healed.

  • As your tattoo starts to heal and “tighten up” it may get a little itchy and flaky. The best way to remedy that is to apply a little more moisturizer. DO NOT SCRATCH IT. DO NOT PICK AT IT.

  • Loose, soft, breathable clothing is the best covering for your tattoo as it’s healing. Avoid itchy, linty, tight, heavy or rough textured fabrics. These can irritate your tattoo!


  • Avoid contact on that area! This means avoid, handsy friends and family, concerned pets, sticky children and gym equipment and floors.

  • Avoid intense/high impact workouts or contact sports for the first few days. Low intensity workouts are fine as long as you shower and moisturize shortly after your workout.

  • Avoid the Sun and extreme heat. Not only is it uncomfortable but a fresh sunburn on a fresh tattoo can really screw up the healing and overall appearance.

  • Avoid Standing Water. Shower is a must in order to keep your tattoo clean. However, lakes, creeks, pools, hot tubs, baths and deep puddles should be avoided until your tattoo is fully healed.

  • Avoid “Tattoo Advice” from friends. We all mean well BUT I will only guarantee my work if you follow my aftercare instructions. If you have any questions, AT ALL, I will answer them for you, no matter how weird, wild, simple or complex you think the question may be.

  • You can and should “touch up” your moisturizer through out the day as your skin starts to dry out. 

  • It’s a great idea to carry a travel sized version of your aftercare with you while your tattoo heals.

  • Bonus tip: DO NOT TRY TO CLEAN YOUR TATTOO IN A SINK OR PUBLIC BATHROOM. NO! In other words, please don’t get tattooed the day before you go camping.

  • Once your tattoo is fully healed, it never hurts to moisturize daily (or apply sunblock  when you’ll be outside) to keep that skin well hydrated and looking fresh.