• Please email if you're going to be late.  Please do not call the shop, sometimes no one can answer the phone.
    Austin is notorious for terrible traffic and equally as terrible parking. Please allow plenty of time for both.
    Please do not schedule other important activities on the same day as your tattoo.
    If you're more that 15 minutes late you may be rescheduled depending on the complexity and difficulty of your tattoo
  • You must provide a valid I.D.  Valid State I.D., Drivers License, Passport or Military I.D. are accepted
    Photo copies or expired versions of any of those mentioned, are NOT accepted. 

  • EAT!  Please eat a solid meal about an hour prior to getting tattooed.
    Do not show up with an empty stomach and do not show up with your bag of Whataburger.
    Allow enough time to eat PRIOR to your appointment time.
    Also, please bring a drink and a small snack with you if you have a longer session
  • Wear something comfortable.  Please wear or bring an appropriate clothing option that allows full & unrestricted access to the area you're having tattooed.
    Keep in mind that the tattoo shop is only semi-private and that tattoo ink does stain.
  • Friends.  We have a limited amount of shared space and out of respect to my coworkers, only one friend will be allowed in the tattoo room with you.
    Please keep in mind that if your company becomes disruptive or distracting in any way, I will ask them to leave.
  • Working Out.  Please refrain from working out immediately before your tattoo and within 24 hours after.
    Give yourself and the tattoo a rest and a great jump start in to the healing process.
  • Rescheduling.  I do not reschedule appointments via email anymore.
    If you decide to reschedule or cancel your appointment for any reason, you will need to start the booking process over.
    If you reschedule the same appointment more than once, you will need to provide another deposit.
  • Please Avoid...  Alcohol. DO NOT GET DRUNK THE NIGHT BEFORE YOUR TATTOO. Not worth it.
    Also, do not consume alcohol immediately before your tattoo (or anything else that inhibits your senses or effects bleeding)
    I have the right to refuse service if you're drunk, hungover or just plain unfit to sit still and get a tattoo.